【Tenmabashi】The highest peak of a mature mango from Miyazaki Prefecture! Café comme ça will release”Sun egg” cake.


“Café comme ça” proposes a cake full of art that lets you feel the four seasons of Japan, using seasonally selected delicious fruits carefully selected from all over Japan. This time, a cake that uses Miyazaki Prefecture’s mature mango “Silver Egg”, which is the highest peak among ripe mangos, will be released from June 1st.

“Sun egg” cake using Miyazaki Prefecture ripe mango.

Among the premium fruits in Japan, it is a fully ripe mango that is loved by many customers, but among them, the fully ripened mango from the Miyazaki Prefecture, “The Sun’s Egg”, is a title given only those that meet strict criteria. A melodious texture, a fragrant scent through the nose, and a rich, sweet “sun egg” are beautifully decorated on the base of the faux canvas.


“Sun egg” cake

【Sales Period】Jun.1 to beginning of Jul.
【Price】2,160 yen (Tax-included) / piece
【Location】Café comme ça Tenmabashi, Keihan city mall 2nd Floor
【Address】1-1 Tenmabashikyo-machi, Chuo-ward, Osaka
【Hour】10:00 – 20:00
【Holiday】Follows to facility