【Tenmabashi / Café comme ça】A limited cake featuring Uwajima mandarin will be released from March 15 for a limited time!


From Café comme ça, a limited cake featuring Ehime and Uwajima mandarins appears. It will be sold from March 15 (Sun) to April 14 (Tue) 2020.

Three kinds of cakes using tangerines.

This time, three kinds of cakes using mandarin oranges grown at Nishitani Farm and Yamauchi Farm in Uwajima, Ehime.

The cake of “Kiyomi Orange”, a mandarin orange from Nishiya Farm, cultivated on the highest mountain in Uwajima, is a vivid dish colored in orange. “Kiyomi orange” of rich sweetness and moderate acidity is cut into large pieces, and homemade jam and cream cheese are combined.

“Kiyomi Orange” cake from Nishitani Farm, Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture
950 yen (tax included) / piece

In the other two cakes, three kinds of oranges are used: Uwa Gold, Setoka, and Blood Orange from Yamauchi Farm. The shortcake of “Uwa Gold” and “Setoka” is decorated with a bittersweet matcha mousse in a fluffy sponge with “Setoka”, which has a refreshing acidity and a lot of fruit juice, and “Uwa Gold”, which stands out for its sweetness.

Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture Yamauchi Farm’s “Uwa Gold” and “Setoka” shortcake
950 yen (tax included) / piece

The “Blood Orange” cake is topped with plenty of “Blood Orange”, a sweet and juicy amount unique to Yamauchi Farm, which is blessed with a warm climate and a Rias coastline terrain. The contrast between the bright red “Blood Orange” pulp and the white mascarpone cream is also beautiful.

Blood orange cake from Yamauchi Farm, Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture
900 yen (tax included) / piece


Café comme ça Uwajima mandarin orange limited cake
“Shikoku Uwajima Mikan danyori (Mandarin Orange Letter)”

【Sales Period】March 15 (Sun)-April 14 (Tues), 2020
【Location】2nd floor of Keihan City Mall
【Address】1-1-1, Temmabashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi