【Tenmabashi / Café comme ça】”Sakura Shortcake” will be released for three days from March 20.


Café comme ça introduces “Sakura Shortcake”. It will be released for a limited time from March 20 (Friday / holiday) to 22 (Sunday) 2020. Café comme ça has two types of cherry blossom shortcakes with plenty of seasonal strawberries to match the cherry blossom season.

“Full bloom-Shortcake with strawberries and cherry blossoms-“

“Full bloom-shortcake with strawberry and cherry blossoms-” is decorated luxuriously with sliced ​​strawberries like cherry blossom petals. The top is decorated with cherry blossom petals, and will make you feel more springy. You will feel the slight Japanese taste because it is used scented cherry bean paste cream. The fluffy sponge cake, seasonal strawberry and cream go perfectly together.

Full bloom-strawberry and cherry shortcake- 1,100 yen / piece

“Hazakura-Strawberry and Matcha Cream Shortcake”

The refreshing green color of “Hazakura-Shortcake with Strawberry and Matcha Cream-” expresses the season when cherry blossoms scatter and shift to fresh greenery. The falling cherry blossom petals are depicted with strawberries, and the young leaves that have begun to bud are expressed in Matcha cream.

Raspberry cream is sandwiched inside the cake with a bright contrast between pink and green. A juicy strawberry is also sandwiched together and finished with a light taste.

“Hazakura-Strawberry and Matcha Cream Shortcake” 1,100 yen / piece


Café comme ça, “Sakura Short Cake”

【Sales Period】March 20 (Fri) – 22 (Sun), 2020
【Cafe in Osaka】2nd floor of Keihan City Mall
【Address】1-1 Tenmabashikyo-machi, chuo-ku, Osaka
【Hour】10:00 – 20:00