【Tennoji】HUNTERS BAR “Monhan Sakaba WEST” will open for a limited time in Tennoji again this year!

It was decided that “Monhan Sakaba WEST”, which was open to Tennoji in Osaka for a limited period last year, will be reopened.

There will be a large number of artifacts, such as weapons and protective gear, different from last year. A space that would be illusive to enter the world of “Monster Hunter” will be realized again in Tennoji.

A lot of popular monhan (Monster Hunter) rice gathers in that “Mon Han bar”. In addition, rare menus that can only be eaten at “Monhan Saka WEST” and novelties that can not be obtained will be prepared.



Reservation is scheduled to start from the middle of July 2019

HUNTERS BAR “Mon han sakaba WEST”

【Opening period】Aug.1 (Thu) – Sep. 30 (Mon)
【Address】Hotel Bali Tower Tennoji Store 3rd floor
8-1 Hidenin-machi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka
【URL】 http://www.paselaresorts.com/collaboration/mhsb/