【Tennoji】Just like a real kiwi! Tennoji Zoo’s collaboration “Kiwi Mini Mascot” is too cute!

Felissimo’s humor brand “YOU+MORE!” (humor) and Tennoji in Osaka City. The zoo is collaborating on some cute new items! The Kiwi mini mascot, which looks like a kiwi fruit, is available for purchase at Tenshiba i, located next to the Tennoji Zoo. It will go on sale on June 5 (Fri) at the ‘ZOOQLE’ shop in :na became.

Kiwi Lookalike Animal Mascot

The “Kiwi Fruit-Like Kiwi Mini Mascot” JPY 990 (tax included) features Japan’s only mascot of New Zealand’s national bird, the Kiwi, which is bred only at Tennoji Zoo. The round, brown form looks just like the fruit kiwi! You can’t help but smile at the sight of them being sold in fruit caps and lined up in a wooden box!

The Tennoji Zoo exclusive version even has a patch that looks like a kiwifruit brand sticker. You can leave it in a fruit cap as an interior decoration, or remove the cap and put it on your bag. And kawaii! Note the cut kiwi accents that come with the ball chain.

ZOOQLE, where the products are sold, has a public entrance as well as from the zoo, so you can easily stop by. When you go for a walk, why don’t you check out the cute Kiwi Mini Mascot that looks like a kiwi fruit?


Kiwi miniature mascots that look like kiwi fruit

【Release Date】June 5 (Thu), 2020
【Retail Price】990 yen + tax
【Store】ZOOQLE (Within Tenshiba i:na)
【Address】5-55 Chausuyama-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City