【Tennoji】The new chocolate drink “Strawberry” from Linz Chocolat Café will be available on April 1st!


Lindt Chocolat Café will begin serving a new chocolate drink, Strawberry, on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

New Chocolate Drinks

The new chocolate drinks are the Lindt Iced Chocolate Drink Strawberry and the Lindt Hot Chocolate Drink Strawberry. It comes in two varieties, frozen strawberry and strawberry puree, and is finished to enjoy the sweet and sour taste of the strawberries and the chewy texture of the pulp along with the sweetness of the white chocolate.

The top of the drink is decorated with white chocolate mousse, copeau, strawberry sauce and powder. The white chocolate mousse infuses the entire drink, rounding out the tartness of the strawberries and making them smoother. The iced chocolate drink is also attractive in appearance with a marbled pattern of red strawberry sauce on the inside of the cup.

With the addition of “Strawberry”, Lindt’s chocolate drinks now come in a total of 18 variations. It’s fun to choose your favorite flavors to match your daily mood and the weather.


Chocolat Café’s new drink “Strawberry”

【Release Date】April 1, 2020 (water) to the whole year
【Price】699 yen (tax included)
【Store (Cafe) in Osaka】Tennoji Mio