【Tennoji / Hoop】The first basement floor of the hoop has been renewed! “Hoop Dining Court” will open on September 13th.

A new food area “Hoop Dining Court” will open on Friday, September 13 as a “live-up place” and a “meeting place” on the first basement floor of Hoop.

About Hoop Dining Court

“Hoop Dining Court” is a food area where you can order and share your favorite menus at your favorite shops. This is a space that can be enjoyed by customers both in Japan and overseas, regardless of age and gender.

In addition to the popular Ramen restaurant, which is the first store in Osaka, there are a total of 10 stores, including Meat Bar and Taiwan Tea Cafe. In a lively and fun space handled by graphic designers, there are about 400 seats with a wide variety of seats such as a relaxing sofa seat, a large table seat that can be raised by friends, and a counter seat that can be easily used by one person, lunch and cafe, You can enjoy drinking and various uses.

Restaurants in Hoop Dining Court

★ First store in Osaka

Ramen family Mitsuba
Abeno branch

A well-known store in Nara that has a line is the first commercial facility.

I. T. T. et al. O. Meat Bar Dining

A dining bar where you can easily enjoy delicious meat and alcohol. The proud T-bone steak looks and tastes perfect.

Hakata LAB

The specialties of Hakata, such as “Teppanyaki Gyoza” and “Teppanyaki Yakiniku,” are famous.

★ First Kansai store opened

Rice people, Nice people!

Asian dishes that you can enjoy the harmony of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices.

Shunsai and Sake Ankai

Relax with carefully selected sake and sake lees. Boasts fresh seafood.


Bar is proud of the popular finger spare ribs in Namba. For lunch, the Magic Curry that won the Kanda Curry Grand Prix opened its first Kansai store.


Hoop Dining Court

【Opening day】September 13, 2019
【Hour】11:00 – 23:00
【Location】Hoop 1st basement floor