【Tennoji / Online】Launched “Instapump Fury” by Hello Kitty & Gudetama Collaboration from Reebok Classic.

Reebok CLASSIC and Sanrio collaboration sneakers “INSTAPUMP FURY OG Sanrio Characters Collaboration” will be released sequentially from Monday, September 23, 2019.

“Hello Kitty Instapump Fury OG” 21,600 yen + tax

Hello Kitty & Gudetama collaboration “INSTAPUMP FURY”

A collaboration between Reebok’s representative sneaker “Insta Pump Fury”, which celebrates its 25th anniversary, and popular Sanrio characters. The lineup includes two models with the motif of “Hello Kitty”, which celebrates the 45th anniversary of its birth, and “Gudetama”, which boasts overwhelming support since its birth in 2013.


“Hello Kitty Instapump Fury OG” is a pair of coloring that imaged her iconic red ribbon. In addition to a large removable ribbon part on the upper, the Hello Kitty face is printed on the heel and pump.

Along with this “Hello Kitty Instapump Fury OG”, the kids model “VERSA PUMP FURY HK” will be released at the same time. This is a large red ribbon motif on the entire white and red shoe.

Left) “Hello Kitty Instapump Fury OG” 21,600 yen + tax
Right) Kids Model “Versa Pump Fury HK” 7,009 yen + tax


On the other hand, “Gudetama INSTAPUMP FURY OG” was finished as a “Gudetama Color” with a bright yellow color on a white upper. “Gudetama” with various expressions is designed on the heel & pump part of the upper and the insole.


INSTAPUMP FURY OG Sanrio Characters Collaboration

【Release Date】September 23 (Mon)
【Store】Abeno Hoop (3rd Floor) / Online Store
【Hour】11:00 – 21:00