【Tennoji / Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel】


The 2020 Christmas Cake from the Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel will be available from Sunday, November 1 to Wednesday, December 16, 2020, with reservations being taken from Sunday, November 1 to Wednesday, December 16, 2020, and delivery from Monday, December 21 to Friday, December 25, 2020.

Pear Gelee & Chocolate Mousse Cake

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel offers three types of Christmas cakes. The long and narrow oval-shaped “Excelan” is a Christmas cake that combines the rare pear “Le Leche” with chocolate. You can enjoy the marriage between the sweet and bittersweet chocolate mousse and the juicy Le Leche jelly.

Sweet and Sour Berry and Mellow Fromage Cake

The “Ange” is a cake made up of three types of fromage with a mild and deep flavor accented by the sourness of domestic strawberries and other berries. The bottom of the cake is filled with crispy sablé, so you can enjoy the smooth mouthfeel of the fromage without getting bored until the end.

Plenty of pistachio cream and puff pastry sandwiches

The “Clonne de Noël” is a light puff pastry sandwich made with high quality Sicilian pistachio cream with a fragrant flavor. The top is decorated with bright red berries for a gorgeous visual.


2020 Christmas Cake at Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel

【Reservation Period】 Nov 1 (Sun) – Dec 16 (Wed), 2020
【Early Reservation Period】 Nov 1 (Sun) – Nov 30 (Mon) *10% excision
【Hands Over Period】 Dec 21 (Mon) – 25 (Fri), 2020
【Store】 19th Floor of Hotel, “M Boutique”
【Hour】 11:00 – 18:00
【Reservation】 Store or Online Store
Exelan 24cm x 5cm, 4,000 yen + tax
Ange No. 5, 15cm, 5,000 yen + tax
Cronne de Noël, size 6, 18cm, 6,000 yen + tax
【For reservations and inquiries】 Toll Free: 0120-611-147 (Restaurant reservations / Hours: 10:00-20:00)
From Mobile Phone: 06-6628-6187