【Tennoji / Umeda】It’s soooo good♪ Now on sale at LeBRESSO, a bread specialty store, is the “Custard-Apple Double Toast”, which is only available in autumn!


LeBRESSO, a bread specialty store and coffee stand, has released an autumn limited edition “Custard Apple Pie Toast”. Available for a limited time from Tuesday, September 1, 2020, at all Revresso stores.

Custard Apple Pie Toast 690 yen (Tax included)

Custard Apple Pie Toast

The “Custard Apple Pie Toast” is an apple pie-like toast with vanilla-flavored custard cream and apple compote, available only in autumn.

Toasted cinnamon-scented apple compote on custard cream-covered Rebresso bread. Topped with vanilla ice cream and crispy pie crust, which goes well with the apples, it’s an autumnal taste. It’s very tasty, so be sure to try it during this period!



Custard Apple Pie Toast

【Sales Period】Sep 1 (Fri)- Mid-October (scheduled)
【Price】690 yen (Tax included)
【Store】LeBRESSO, a nationwide bread store
【Store in Osaka】Main Store (Tennoji), Grand Front Osaka Store