【The Ritz Carlton Hotel Osaka】Boba tea and ice of snow flakes will be start to offer.


As a summer dessert promotion of 2019 of the 5th floor Chinese restaurant “Xiangtao” of The Ritz-Carlton Osaka, the Taiwanese-style oyster ice “ice of snow flakes” with a soft texture like snow and Xiangtao original tea We started selling sweets and drinks unique to summer, such as “Xiangtao premium bubble tea” with plenty of black tapioca based on Saturday, June 1st.


Ice of snow flakes
800 yen

A Taiwan-style shaved ice made with the Xiangtao original recipe that enjoy a fluffy texture like snow. The lemon milk flavored ice is shaved, mango syrup and strawberry syrup are added, and fresh mango and blueberries are topped.

Xiangtao Premium boba tea 2,500 yen

It’s an original tea designed by the staff member of “Xiangtao”. Milk tea filled with black tapioca uses milk from Xiangtao original blended tea based on oolong tea, Assam tea, Rokko Mountain and Yuge ranch. The topping cream uses tofu and has a rich flavor and aroma, but with a mild taste.

Xiangtao boba tea
1,600 yen

It’s an original tea designed by the staff member of “Xiangtao”. It is a refreshing taste created by adding Assam tea and black tapioca to Oryu original tea based oolong original blend tea. You can enjoy the performance to shake and finish in front of you.

About Xiangtao

It’s a restaurant where you can enjoy creative dishes that combine traditional Cantonese cuisine with modern essence, along with a variety of Chinese tea carefully selected by the tea chef. As the shop name of “Xiangtao” with the origin of “Shangri-La”, the inside of the shop colored with 6 meter-wide wall art and pink ceiling consisting of 11,000 pieces of pottery is a modern that combines modern and antique It is an elegant space. In addition to the table seating overlooking the beautiful courtyard, it also features cozy terrace seating and four private rooms that can be used extensively.


Summer dessert promotion of 2019

【Hour】Lunch 11:30 – 14:30 / Dinner 17:30 – 21:30
【Location】Xiangtao at 5th floor of The Ritz Carlton Hotel OSAKA
【Address】2-5-25 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Reservation】 06-6343-7020