【The Ritz Carlton Osaka】Japan’s first and only domestic “Redel room” is completed! Superb dining experience with 1 Michelin star French cuisine and the finest handmade glass.

The Ritz Carlton Osaka will open a private room for French cuisine “La Baie”, which is the hotel’s main dining room, as the first “Riedel Room” in Japan, named after the prestigious wine glass brand “Riedel”. We will start offering special pairing menu from June 1 (Saturday). There are only two locations in the world, the Riedel Room, Austria, where the Riedel headquarters are located, and The Ritz Carlton Osaka, which is open this time.

Riedel Room

The “Riedel Room” is equipped with a dedicated glass cabinet, and “Sommelier black tie” HAKU with gold foil processing, including the 50 highest handmade wine glasses and 6 decanters, will always be displayed.
In addition, customers who ordered wines in the “Riedel Room” will have abundant wine knowledge and Riedel’s knowledge so that you can fully enjoy the 1 Michelin-starred chef Chef Christophe Gibert with French cuisine. The sommelier who knows the glass lineup well recommends the best wine.

About Riedel

“Riedel” is an Austrian wine glass maker that made the world’s first glass adapted to grape varieties. Above all, handmade glass finished by glass technique by skilled craftsmen one by one, has gained the trust from wine lovers all over the world as signature series of the highest peak that the company boasts. The unique shape of the decanter is of course highly appreciated for its artistic beauty, not to mention the practicality of maximizing the charm of the wine.

Wine provided by La Baie

“La Baie” has a wine list that has been awarded the “Best of Awards of Excellence” from the US wine magazine “Wine Spectator” for 15 consecutive years since 2004, and from the rare vintage wines that evoke the wine connoisseurs to the New World More than 400 brands are available, including wines of emerging origins called. Valuable wines that are not normally offered in the visor glasses can also be ordered from a glass.


French cuisine “La Baie” (The Ritz Carlton Osaka 5th floor)

【Hour】Lunch 11:30 – 14:30 / Dinner 17:30 – 21:00
【Number of seats】66 Seats (Riedel Room, 14 seats)
【Price (Lunch)】
France 7,500 yen, Elegant 9,500 yen
【Price (Dinner)】
La Baie 15,000 yen, Classical and elegant 19,000 yen
Prestige 40,000 yen / 55,000 yen
(All prices are tax and service charge 15% apart)