【The Ritz-Carlton OSAKA】The first summer dessert buffet for all kinds of Mango will be held from May 7.


The Ritz Carlton Osaka is an Italian restaurant “Splendido” where you can enjoy fresh summer fruits with a passionate orchestral world view will be held dessert buffet from May 7 to September 30, 2019.

This time, the period is divided into two phases, and the dessert buffet “Mango Passionate” using mango will be held from May 7, the first movement. Peach’s dessert buffet “Peach Cantabile” will be held from July 1, the second movement.

Vol.1 Mango Passionate

In the first movement “Mango Passionate”, about 45 kinds of sweets and savory using rich mango appear on all menus. Summer seasons such as “Mango Tart” featuring music-related design, “Macaroon” with a bite-size with a note on it, cool glass sweets such as “Mango Tea Pan Nacotta”, and “Mango Ice Cream” finished in the live kitchen A menu unique to you is also available. Savory also offers 11 authentic Italian dishes made with mango by Splendid chef Aldo Kiroiro.

The decoration of the venue where you can enjoy a different view of the world each time reflects the theme of “Orchestra”. A heavy red curtain is drawn at the entrance of the buffet venue, and when the curtain opens, a space inspired by the Italian concert hall will be visible. In the middle of the buffet table, a maestro dressed in a snail dress will greet the guests, and the display of instruments such as a piano and a violin will be displayed around it.

(This is last year’s display)

Vol.2 Peach Cantabile

The second movement, “Peach Cantabile”, will be upgraded with the peach dessert buffet, which was well received every day last year. This will also deliver a complete lineup arranged on the theme of the orchestra. (Details will be announced in early June)

Information for Mango Passionate

Mango Passionate

【Period】Held every day from May 7 to June 30, 2019.
【Hour】14:30-16:00 / 16:30-18:00 (90 minutes two division)
【Price】Adult: 4,700 yen (+tax)
Elementary school student, 6 to 12 years old: 2,350 yen (+tax)
【Location】Italian Restaurant “Splendido” 1F @ The Ritz-Carlton OSAKA