【The St. Regis Hotel Osaka】A collaboration afternoon tea with the popular chocolate store “MarieBelle” in NY and a limited chocolate box will appear.


Special collaboration with the popular chocolate store “MarieBelle” (Maribel), also from NY, will be held for the first time in the world at The St. Regis Hotel Osaka, born in NY.

MarieBelle Afternoon Tea

“MarieBelle Afternoon Tea”, which MarieBelle Lieberman supervised exclusively for The St. Regis Hotel Osaka, is a rare menu that uses chocolate for sweets as well as savory.

“MarieBelle × St. Regis Hotel Osaka Collaboration Chocolate”

A limited chocolate box with “Shogun · MarieBelle” containing ideas for the logo with the St. Regis Hotel Osaka logo and the recipe for the signature cocktail “Shogun ・ Marie” (using tomato juice, soy sauce, aubergine and yam) is released for a limited time.

2,700 yen / Box with 4 chocolates


MarieBelle Afternoon Tea

【Period】August 1 – October 30
【Hour】12:00 – 17:00
【Location】The St. Regis Hotel Osaka 12F “The St. Regis Bar”
【Price】5,000 yen / person, 6,500 yen (Glass with champagne) / person