【The St. Regis Hotel Osaka】The French bistro Le D’Or has reopened on September 1 with a new look!


Le D’Or, the French bistro on the first and second floors of the St. Regis Hotel Osaka, which had been temporarily closed for a while, has reopened on Tuesday, September 1, with a new concept.

French Bistro is only on the first floor.

The French Bistro, which was previously open on the first and second floors, will be on the first floor only, and will offer an authentic French bistro menu.

Boulangerie Le D’Or, which was located adjacent to the restaurant, has been moved to the first floor of the same restaurant. In addition to homemade breads such as baguettes, croissants, and breads baked by bakery chef Shozo Murakami, there will also be new items such as eclairs (a total of eight kinds) made with plenty of seasonal fruits, and special St. Regis Hotel Osaka sables and madeleines, which make great gifts.

At teatime, you can sit on the terrace or even inside the restaurant as a cafe.

Wine Bar, “La Cave”

On the second floor, the original wine bar has been revived and La Cave, which means “the cave,” has been opened. Wine is served with an aperitif plate, cheese platter, grilled seafood and foie gras terrine. It can be used as a space for adults to stop by on their way home from work.

The new Le D’Or is like a French amusement park, where you can upgrade your lifestyle to a slightly different one.


1st Floor, French Bistro – “Le dor”
【Business Day】Tuesday – Saturday
【Business Hour】Lunch, 12:00~14:30 / Dinner, 17:30~21:00
Sunday Brunch, 10:00~14:00(13:30 L.O.)5,500 yen
【Regular Holiday】Sunday Dinner Time and Monday

1st Floor, Boulangerie – “Le dor”
【Business Day】Monday – Sunday
【Business Hour】8:00 – 18:00 (Tue – Sat) / 8:00 – 14:00 (Sunday, Monday)
【Regular Holiday】No Holiday

2nd Floor, Wine Bar – “La Cave”
【Business Day】Tuesday – Saturday
【Business Hour】17:00 – 21:00 (20:30 L.O.)
【Regular Holiday】Sunday & Monday