【The St. Regis Osaka】A new sense of afternoon tea which is expressing the plant from seed to fruit will be provided for a limited time.


Afternoon tea “Seed to KAJITSU”, which expresses the plant from seed to fruit, will appear at St. Regis Hotel Osaka for a limited time from June 3 to September 1, 2019.

*KAJITSU = Fruit

St. Regis Osaka, RUE D’OR

Menu and configuration

A new sense of afternoon tea that enjoys a three-part savory and dessert story of growth from plants to seeds, flowers, and fruits. Each part also offers a unique pairing drink that matches the menu.

First Dish

After sitting, the first plate to be served after the welcome drink is an elongated plate of five savory lines. From the right, rock, soil, moss, germination, flower bed and using various food materials, they express the growth process until the seeds in the soil sprout.

From the right, rock, soil, moss, germination, flower bed

Second Dish

The second dish that will appear next is “AVANT DESSER” before the main dessert. A bite dessert like a bouquet of ripe mango and a cupcake with elaborate flower decoration is organized into a plate like a flower garden. The pairing drink here is “Magic Pink Rain”, which combines Mallow tea and Calpico (Calpis in Japanes), and you can enjoy the color changes from one to another.

Last Dish

The last main dessert is a cake-sized fruit dessert that looks exactly the same in color and shape. Choose one from strawberry, lemon and cherries, and combine with peach juice and Earl Gray tea a pairing drink, Juicy Perche.


Afternoon Tea, “SEED TO KAJITSU (Fruit)”

【Period】June 3. – September 1. 2019
【Hour】14:30 – 17:00
【Location】 RUE D’OR, St. Regis Hotel Osaka 1st & 2nd Floor
【Price】4,300 yen (+Tax) with welcome & pairing drink