【The St. Regis Osaka】SAKURA Afternoon tea starts.


“SAKURA Afternoon Tea” started at the bar on the 12th floor of the St. Regis hotel Osaka from March 18th.

(Source : St. Regis Hotel OSAKA)

The desserts and dishes inspired by cherry blossoms are packed in boxes imitating white jewelry boxes and served with tea.

The price is 4,500 yen (6,500 yen with glass champagne.)
The period is March 18 (Mon)-April 26 (Fri).

The upper part of the jewelry box contains dessert.
The lower part of the jewelry box contains a menu of dishes such as sandwiches.
The scones containing Tamba black beans and green tea come with clotted cream,
jam and honey.

Italian Restaurant, “La veduta” offer cherry course.

With the theme of SAKURA, Italian food courses full of ingredients such as ingredients, colors, and assorted dishes will appear for a limited time.

Carpaccio of salmon as a rose with Cherry yogurt

Lunch 8,800 yen (+tax) per person / Dinner 17,600 yen (+tax) per person
The period is March 18 (Mon)-April 26 (Fri).

Sakura bread & sweets from

SAKURA burger finished with homemade tartar sauce, sandwiching home-made cherry brioche buns with pre-fried shrimp cutlet, cherry shrimp, smoked bacon, cherry leaf salted cherry leaves.

650 yen (+tax)

SAKURA Eclair stuffed with mashed potatoes with salmon, decorated with pink cream cheese and smoked salmon.

480 yen (+tax)

The pale pink Mont Blanc is a springy sweet with a cream that is mixed with a cherry apricot that contains a whole griet cherry mousse and a whole set of seasonal strawberries on a meringue.

580 yen (+tax)

SAKURA Cock tail @ St. Regis Bar

Let’s spend adult time after night cherry blossom viewing with “Urara” using zubrovka or vanilla vodka, and
“Cherry, Cherry, Cherry”
using apricot brandy and “Sato Nishiki” of domestic cherries.

“Urara” will offer from March 18 to April 30.
“Cherry, Cherry, Cherry” will offer from May 1 to June 30.
Each of them is 2,500 yen (+tax)


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