【Tully’s Coffee】New drink and Cute Sleeve will come up from April 19.


Tully’s Coffee Japan will launch seasonally limited drinks such as Tapioca Strawberry Cafe au lait from Friday, April 19 and also will launch Bearful® Sleeves in combination with drinks.

Tapioca Strawberry Cafe Aure

“Tapioca Strawberry Cafe au lait ” is a drink with a pleasant appearance that has two layers of strawberry milk and ice coffee using Tochiotome (Brand of strawberry) fruit juice. If you drink without mixing, you can enjoy the sticky texture of strawberry milk and tapioca, and when you mix it, it changes to “Cafe au lait” that you can feel a mellow coffee.

“Tapioca Strawberry Cafe au lait ” 550 yen (Tall size only)

Damn cute! Bearful® Sleeves!

You can order “Bearful® Sleeve” in combination with the target drink. This time, two types are available: “Crown” with crown in bright mint blue color and “Tiara” with tiara covered in cute pastel pink.

Add 350 yen to the drink eligible for to buy together.

Drinks eligible for Bearful® Sleeves

Tapioca Hoji tea latte
550 yen (Tall size only)

& TEA Tapioca Royal Milk Tea
Tall: 500 yen / Grande: 600 yen

Tapioca Strawberry Cafe au lait
550 yen (Tall size only)

Same day release menu

& TEA Peach & Muscat Tea
Tall: 500 yen / Grande: 550 yen

Royal Milk Tea Cream Swirkle® (Frozen)
Tall: 490 yen / Grande: 590 yen

Every products will release from April 19.