【Umeda】 Hankyu Umeda Main Store “Grand Calbee” Renovates Products and Sales Floor♪

Grand Calbee, the collaboration between Calbee and Hankyu Umeda, will reopen as the new Grand Calbee on October 2 (Friday). Two new potato chips, made with 100% Hokkaido potatoes, will be available for casual gifts.

Renewal due to changing demand for gifts

Grand Calbee has been well-received since it was first launched in 2014 with the buzz of “those potato chips as a gift. Gift products are changing with the times, and are increasingly being used for more casual purposes or as a reward for oneself.

While retaining the quality of the original “high quality potato chips”, it has been reborn as a casual gift for people who want to give and share with others in a more casual way, and who also want to enrich their own time.

Two new six flavors are now available!

After almost two years of development, two new potato chips will be released, Potato Basic and Potato Roast.

Targeting female customers at the Hankyu Umeda flagship store, the company has injected the essence of Calbee’s strengths in ingredients and technology to create a fun product with a uniquely Calbee-like “FUN” feel.

Potato Basic”, which makes use of the original flavor of slowly fried chips, has two flavors: the simple “Shio-flavored” using rock salt from Sicily, and the “Butter-flavored” with a soft, sweet and mellow flavor using butter made in Hokkaido, and the “Kelp Dashi-flavored” with the elegant and gentle kelp dashi flavor using kelp from Hokkaido as a seasonal product.

Potato Roast, which features a new, unconventional method of making potato chips, includes three flavors that are perfect for savory chips: the “Roasted Shio Flavor”, in which the mildly grilled salt brings out the flavor of the potatoes; the “Charred Soy Sauce Flavor”, with its exquisite savory soy-sauce aftertaste; and the seasonal “Charred Caramel Flavor”, a slightly bittersweet, mature flavor. Both products are priced at 580 yen (including tax) for 69g (23g x 3 bags).

Gift boxes are also available.

In addition, the company is also offering gift sets such as the ‘6 Box Gift Box’ containing one box of each flavor for 3,679 yen (tax included). The products are available at Hankyu Umeida and Hankyu Online Shopping.

You can pick up not only the products, but also the gift boxes, shoppers, and store personnel’s uniforms, and pick up a new Grand Calbee in the refurbished sales floor.


Grand Calbee

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