【Umeda】 Nenrinka will be releasing a limited edition product for White Day!

From the baumkuchen brand “Nenrin-ya” comes a limited edition product for White Day, “Mount Baum White Decor”, which will be available at all Nenrin-ya stores from February 23 (Tue, national holiday) to March 14 (Sun), 2021.

Mount Balm White Décor 1,350 yen (tax included)

Mount Balm White Décor

The “Mount Balm White Decor”, which appears every year only during the White Day period, is a romantic-looking baumkuchen reminiscent of a “white mountain range”. It features the popular buttery “Mount Balm Firm Buds”, lavishly layered with pure white chocolate, and then decorated with flowing lines.

The baumkuchen, with its moist baked dough and milky flavor, is a special flavor that can only be enjoyed this time of year. The box with a pink ribbon tied tightly around it is sure to make a great gift for your loved ones.

【PR】 *This is alchol. Craft beer made from real cherry blossoms


Mount Balm White Décor

【Sales Period】 Feb 23 (Tue, National Holiday) – Mar 14 (Sun)
【Store】 Each store of “Nenrinya” &Official online store “PAQ and MOG”.
*Online order will be accepted from Friday, February 12, 17:00 to Friday, March 12, 17:00.
【Store in Osaka】 Hankyu Umeda Store
【Price】 1,350 yen (Tax included)

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