【Umeda】 Nenrinka’s Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Baumkuchen Now Available for a Limited Time!

From January 12 (Tue) to February 18 (Thu), 2021, Nenrin-ya will release a limited edition Valentine’s season baumkuchen, “De La Chocolat Ginza,” at Nenrin-ya stores and other locations for a limited time only.

De La Chocolat GINZA 1,512 yen (tax included)

De La Chocolat GINZA

De la Chocolat Ginza” is a chocolate-covered baumkuchen baked slowly and for a long time with luxurious Ginza quality.

The winter-only “Mount Balm Brownie” dough is kneaded with “Centennial Cocoa” and “Cacao Mass” from the Swiss company Verklin, which have been handed down for a century. The dough is filled with richly fragrant hazel chocolate that has been roasted with its skin on, and decorated with crispy pearl chocolates. The result is a visually gorgeous Valentine’s Day treat.

When you slice the “De La Chocolat GINZA”, a layer of chocolate appears and the moist and rich flavor overflows from the cut. “You can enjoy the rich chocolate flavor of the “chocolate terrine of baumkuchen.


Nenrinya “De La Chocolat GINZA

【Sales Period】 Jan 12 (Tue) – Feb 18 (Thu), 2021
*The official online store will start accepting applications from 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 9, 2021.
【Store】 Nenrinya nationwide and the official online store “PAQ & MOG
【Store in Osaka】 Hankyu Umeda Store

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