【Umeda】 Q-pot. and EVANGELION’s collaborative accessory “MELTY IMPACT” is now on sale for the second time!

Q-pot. and EVANGELION have released the second version of their collaborative accessory “MELTY IMPACT” at Q-pot stores from January 20 (Wed), 2021.

Q-pot. and Evangelion collaborate again

Melty Impact” is an accessory collection that expresses the sweetly decorated world of Evangelion. In addition to necklaces and rings, the new collection will also include miscellaneous goods that have never before been available.

4th Apostle Macaroon 9,000 yen + tax / Bag Charm 8,000 yen + tax

Asuka’s puppet doll “Cookie” is now available as a necklace and charm!

A necklace and bag charm inspired by the puppet that sits beside Shikinami Asuka Langley, the pilot of Evangelion Unit 2. The puppet doll, with its lovely blue eyes, has been made to look like a fluffy baked sugar cookie.

Asuka’s Puppet Sugar Cookie: 9,500 yen + tax / Bag Charm: 8,000 yen + tax

Necklace engraved with the design of the Sephiroth tree.

A delicious-looking gummy candy necklace with a soft texture and light passing through it. Inspired by the glowing A.T. field that unfolds in the air, the base on the back is engraved with a design of the “Sephirot Tree (Tree of Life),” which has an important meaning in the work.

A.T. Field gummy candy necklace, 10,500 yen + tax

The necklace that pierced Cassius’ spear.

A necklace with the images of Mark.06 and Kaworu Nagisa, the pilot of Mark.06, is also available. The blue heart motif is pierced with a fork that resembles the “Spear of Cassius” that Mark.06 was holding when he and Kaworu appeared in the dark of night.

Cassius fork necklace, 16,000 yen + tax

A ring that expresses “L.C.L.” in gradation.

The Melt Ring, with its melt-in-your-mouth visuals, represents the orange liquid “L.C.L.” that is injected into the Evangelion cockpit = entry plug. The gradation of colors realistically reproduces the color of the liquid that appears in the movie.

L.C.L. Melt Ring: 9,000 yen + tax each (M size, L size)

Emergency “Honeycomb” Pattern Mug and Umbrella

In addition to accessories, mugs and umbrellas with honeycomb pattern visuals inspired by “Melty Impact” are also available. Each of the mugs and umbrellas features a honeycomb pattern that suddenly appears on the monitor at the “NERV” headquarters during an emergency situation.

Melty Impact Mug 2,800 yen + tax

There’s a re-release of the first one.

Along with the release of the second collaboration, the necklace and bag charm from the first Macaron series and the necklace and ring from the Melty Melt series will be going on sale again. If you are interested in these items, check them out as soon as possible.

Macaron necklaces: 9,000 yen + tax each / Bag charms: 8,000 yen + tax each


Melty Impact” Vol. 2

【Release Date】 Jan 20 (Wed), 2021
【Store】 Q-pot. directly-managed stores, Q-pot. limited time store at Ikspiari, Q-pot. online store
【Store in Osaka】 Q-pot. Lucua 1100 Store
【Address】 Lucua1100 5th floor, 3 Chome-1-3 Umeda, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-0001, Japan

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