【Umeda】 “Taiwanese Castella Fàn Fàn Umeda just released a new sweet!


Four new sweets from Taiwanese Castella Fàn Fàn, including the “Rich and Moist Chocolate Taiwanese Castella Pancakes,” went on sale at Taiwanese Castella Fàn Fàn Umeda on Monday, February 1, 2021.

Four New Pancakes

The Taiwanese Castella Pancake is based on the Taiwanese Castella Pancake, a fluffy and fluffy pancake filled with meringue and air. Taiwanese Castella Pancake” is the signature menu item of “Fun Fun”. Taiwanese Castella Pancakes” are based on the “Freshly Baked!

【PR】 Glass plates made in Japan. Just by putting your snacks on these plates, you can have a very rich break time.

Rich and Moist Chocolate Taiwanese Castella Pancakes & Taiwanese Castella Pancakes with Banana and Salted Caramel

The “Rich and Moist Chocolate Taiwanese Castella Pancake” uses a rich and moist chocolate batter. The “Taiwanese Castella Pancakes with Rich Moist Chocolate” is made with a rich and moist chocolate batter and drizzled with a generous amount of chocolate sauce. The “Taiwan Castella with Banana and Salted Caramel” combines fresh banana with a slightly salted caramel sauce.

The others

There will also be “Taiwanese Castella Pancakes with Green Tea and Mitarashi Dumplings” topped with mitarashi dumplings and bittersweet green tea, and “Taiwanese Castella Pancakes with Double Cheese and Baked Apples” with sweet and sour apples, cream cheese and mascarpone on top.


New “Taiwan Castella Pancake” Menu

【Release Date】 From Feb 1 (Mon), 2021
【Store】 Taiwanese Castella Fàn Fàn Umeda
【Address】 1F, 1-6-6 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6372-5012
【Hour】 11:00~24:00(F.L.O.23:00/D.L.O.23:30)
*Changed to 11:00 – 20:00 (L.O. 19:00) for the time being.
【Regular Holiday】 No Holiday