【Umeda】 The “Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory” café will open for a limited time from the 11th.


The “Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory” café will be held at Umeda Box Cafe & Space from Friday, December 11, 2020 to Monday, January 11, 2021.

The latest “Kingdom Hearts” cafe

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is the latest in the “Kingdom Hearts” series of role-playing games from Disney and Square Enix. Released on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 as the first rhythm-action game in the series, it has gained popularity.

The “Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory” cafe is a special cafe held to celebrate the release of the game. Produced by OH MY CAFE, an experiential café where you can enjoy the world of Disney, Pixar and Star Wars films.

(King = Mickey) King’s tuna sandwich 1,399 yen + tax/+2,000 yen with plate: +2,000 yen + tax

Sora’s Tomato Pasta & Rikku’s Chicken Burger, etc.

The cafe menu has a unique lineup inspired by the world and characters of “Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory”. Sora Awakening Tomato Pasta is a red tomato pasta inspired by Sora’s costume and served with potato salad in the shape of King Mickey Mouse.

Sora: Awakening Tomato Pasta 1,599 yen + tax

The Chicken Burger at Dawn features a pitch-black chicken burger reminiscent of Riku’s dark powers, while the Kairi Memories Cream Stew features a sunset-inspired tomato cream sauce and saffron rice in the shape of a Paop seed.

Riku: Chicken Burger at Dawn 1,599 yen + tax

The curries inspired by the game’s stages are also worthy of attention. The spicy chicken curry “Agrabar Stage Magical Lamp Chicken Curry” and the squid and shrimp seafood curry “Neverland Stage Seafood Curry on an Isolated Island” are available.

Magical Lamp Chicken Curry at Agrabar Stage 1,699 yen + tax

Illustrated drinks of popular characters

The drinks include “Sora, Liku, Kairi”, which is inspired by Paop’s fruit, and “Ventus Terra Aqua”, which is reminiscent of a fragment of a star, and “Ventus Terra Aqua”, which is connected to Blue Lemonade. Each drink comes with an illustration of the character named in the menu.

Both menus are low in salt and low in sugar. They are healthy and conform to Disney’s nutritional guidelines.

Original merchandise also sold

Original goods such as clear files, masking tape, and tote bags will also be sold in the cafe.


“Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory” cafe

【Period】 Dec 11 (Fri) 2020 – Jan 11 (Mon / Holiday), 2021
【Location】 UMEDA BOX cafe&space
【Address】 Umeda Loft 1F, 16-7 Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka