【Umeda】 The new winter menu from the soufflé pancake store “FLIPPERS” is now on sale!


The new winter menu “Miracle Pancake Milky Pinkberry” from the soufflé pancake store “FLIPPERS” is now on sale until January 13 (Wed), 2021.

The “Miracle Pancakes” to enjoy the milky cream flowing down

Flippers is popular for its signature dish, “Miracle Pancakes,” which is based on the concept of “the best dish,” where you can enjoy a new fluffy texture and a new experience of melting in your mouth. The “Miracle Pancake Milky Pinkberry”, a new winter-only product, is a pancake that can be enjoyed by removing the film just before eating and enjoying the milky cream that flows down.

The Miracle Pancake Milky Pinkberry 1,300 yen + tax

The pancake in the cream is laced with berry confiture with just the right amount of acidity to harmonize with the sweetness of the milky cream and keep it fresh until the last bite. The shimmering silver sugar that resembles falling snow and Valrhona’s pearl chocolate topping make it a luxurious dish that also adds to the Christmas mood.

The “Red and White Pancakes” to celebrate the arrival of the New Year

In addition, from Saturday, January 2, 2021, “Miracle Pancakes Milky White Berry” will be released to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Like the “Miracle Pancakes Milky Pinkberry”, the “Red and White Pancakes” are characterized by cream that flows down from the pancakes and milk cream baked with pure white egg “pure white”, combined with bright red strawberries for a good omen.

The Miracle Pancake Milky White Berry 1,300 yen + tax


Miracle pancakes Milky Pinkberry
【Sales Period】 Dec 2 (Wed), 2020 – Jan 13 (Wed), 2021
【Price】1,300 yen + Tax

Miracle pancakes Milky Whiteberry
【Sales Period】 Jan 2 (Sat) – Jan 13 (Wed), 2021
【Price】1,300 yen + Tax

【Store】 FLIPPER’S Umeda Est Store
【Address】 Umeda Est 1F, 3-25 Kakuta-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Hour】 11:00 – 23:00