【Umeda】A new cream soda with a nostalgic taste made with plenty of fresh melon is now available at café & books bibliothèque!


Marutto (Whole) Melon Cream Soda, a cool summer drink made with fresh melon, is now available for a limited time at café & books bibliothèque in Umeda.

Cream soda of melon

Marutto Melon Cream Soda, a visually cool summer drink made with raw melon, is now available only at the Osaka store! The sweet juice and plentiful flesh of a fresh melon is split with a cool, refreshing soda. Plenty of crispy, round, fresh melons soaked in homemade syrup! It’s also topped with homemade crushed jelly made with honey that brings out the mellow melon flavor and finishes it off refreshingly, as well as vanilla ice cream and cherries.

Enjoy it as a refreshing melon soda with its fruity fruitiness, or break up the vanilla ice cream to enjoy the gentle sweetness and nostalgic taste of a milky melon cream soda. You can enjoy the taste of your choice as you eat and enjoy a chilled sip until the end. This is a cool drink packed with the deliciousness of seasonal melon, perfect for summer.


Marutto Melon Cream Soda

【Sales Period】Scheduled for the end of August
*Since the quantity is limited, the sale will end when the product is gone.
【Price】1,300 yen + Tax
【Location】café & books bibliothèque Umeda Store at E-ma B1F
【Address】1-12-6 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City