【Umeda】”Alice’s Fantasy Strawberry Buffet” will be held at the fantasy restaurant “Alice in Fantasy Land” for three months.


“Alice’s Fantasy Strawberry Buffet” will be held every Sunday and on holidays at the fantasy restaurant “Alice in Fantasy Land” for a limited period of three months from February 2020.

Preparation for spring

In the new year of 2020, opening a door to a wonderland in the downtown area of ​​Kita, Osaka, “Alice in Fantasy Land” starts preparing for a tea party for the springtime season when residents feel at home Look.

The highlight of the party is sweets that use plenty of strawberries that both guests and residents love. The result is that the Queen of Hearts, who is always angry, smiled involuntarily.

Now, the Queen’s good mood is a unique opportunity to sneak into a tea party with Alice. Please enjoy about 30 kinds of sweets that match the face of the buffet table, more than 15 kinds of dishes, and a mysterious space in this country.

Pick up Menu

Strawberry Rare Cheesecake

Flower shape of buffet, whole cake. This season, the image of a large pocket watch floating on the main floor of a country of fantasy is made into a special rare cheesecake around the long and short hands of a chocolate stick surrounded by strawberry “time”. Don’t forget to take a photo during photo time!

~ The Queen’s Garden ~

Check out the mini dessert area, which represents the garden of the castle where the queen loves the roses in full bloom. Roses made of coconut and chocolate mousse and glass desserts with fresh flavors of strawberries and yogurt are displayed. If you look closely, you can see the white rabbit playing hide and seek!

Strawberry macaroons

A very cute pink macaroon with a strawberry pattern on the surface. Not only the appearance, but also the strawberry flavor. With just one, the dishes you have made can quickly turn into “strawberrygenic”! Strawberry lovers will surely pick up, so it’s inevitable that they will quickly disappear from the buffet.

Rabbit’s roll cake

A cute roll cake with white rabbit’s ears popping out. The strawberry-flavored pink sponge fabric is fully finished with plenty of pure white cream and succulent strawberry fruit. The balance between the cream of modest sweetness and the sourness of strawberries is exquisite.

Strawberry Brulee

A spring-like dessert made with strawberry and creamy brulee with caramelized crisp on the surface and a creamy mellow texture inside. The bitterness of caramel, the sweetness of custard, and the sweet and sour taste of strawberries exquisitely complement each other, and the small size makes it easy to eat.

Queen’s favorite chess board

A chess game scene that is also drawn in the sequel to Alice in Wonderland, Alice in Mirror land. The chessboard is reproduced with a rare chocolate cake as well as a rare cheesecake. Raspberries, blueberries, mousse roses, strawberries, mousse roses, etc., are the beauty that can be seen without being a queen.

…and more!Special Dinner Course

From February, when “Alice’s Fantasy Strawberry Buffet” begins, dinner will have a spring sign. The cheese fondue course, which is particularly popular among dinner courses, is transformed into a spring festival and Easter version! Warm and cheerful until a salad with colorful eggs hidden, a spring flower garden and a cheese fondue with colorful vegetables lined up as ingredients, a strawberry jelly and a pistachio mousse overlapped in a beautiful cross-section dessert It is an exciting course where you will be invited and the flowers will open one after another.

≪From February to April only≫Easter ☆ Cheese Fondue Course
3,500 yen + Tax

Alice in Fantasy Land

Was it a dream or a reality … Alice was lost in “Wonderland”
A fantasy restaurant with the motif of British literature “Alice in Wonderland”

“Extraordinary space” located close to JR Osaka Station, the largest terminal station in western Japan. That is the fantasy restaurant “Alice in Fantasy Land”. When you walk through the trump soldiers standing at the entrance and step in while walking, a space where a large pocket watch emerges on the ceiling appears!

Focusing on this main floor, the more you go, the more you will be enchanted by the unique space of a theme park such as sofa seats surrounded by big big playing cards and table seats imitating the garden proud of Queen of Hearts,.

<Space> 71 seats

Dream of Alice

VIP seat with only one seat in “Alice in Fantasy Land”. When you want to spend a dreamy time with that sad person …

Labyrinth of playing cards

A semi-private room that creates a background where a playing card pattern screen curtain shines without permission. A big success in the party scene where you can enjoy it!

Queen’s Garden

Queen’s favorite area overlooking the fantasy land. If the Queen’s forgiveness comes out, you can enjoy the elegant party feeling.

Upside down clock room

A pop box seat surrounded by a clock that ticks a mess of time. If you want to forget the time and feel extraordinary, this seats will be great for you.

*During the buffet, you may not be able to select your seat.


Alice’s Fantasy Strawberry Buffet

【Event Date】
February 2 (Sun), 9 (Sun), 16 (Sun), 23 (Sun), 24 (Mon, Holiday)
March 1 (Sun), 8 (Sun), 15 (Sun), 20 (Fri / holiday), 22 (Sun), 29 (Sun)
April 5 (Sun), 12 (Sun), 19 (Sun), 26 (Sun), 29 (Wed / Holiday)
【Hour】12:30 – 14:30
【Price】2,980 yen / Adult, 1,480 yen / Children (10 years and under)
*Reception will be closed as soon as it is full.
*The menu varies depending on the purchase situation on the day.

Alice in Fantasy Land
【Address】1-8-1 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
【Normal business hours】17:00 – 23:00 (L.O. 22:00)