【Umeda】All-you-can-eat 120g freshly baked steak! Limited time Apr. 27 to May 6.

At the Osaka Tokyu Rei Hotel, “Golden Week Lunch Buffet” will be held at “Little Monster STEAK & ROASTBEEF” from April 27 (Sat) to May 6 (Mon).

The steak is grilled in front of the chef.

The main buffet is the all-you-can-eat US beef roast steak. The Steak will be cooked by the chef in front of you!
Sauce prepares “Apple Japone Sauce” that sweetness and acidity can enjoy at the same time.

In addition to a rich menu of Japanese and Western foods, desserts such as chocolate fountains, cakes and soft serve are also available.

Lunch Buffet Summery

Location: Osaka Tokyu Rei Hotel,
1st floor, “Little Monster, STEAK & ROASTBEEF”
Date: April 27 (Sat) to May 6 (Mon)
Hour: 11:30 – 14:30
Price: Adult 1,926 yen (+tax) / Primary Schoolchild 1,000 yen (+tax)
Infant 722 yen (+tax)