【Umeda】Cat photo & video exhibition with the theme of “happiness”, “MeowExpo ~ Cat Expo ~” is being held at Daimaru Umeda Store until 24th!

The event “MeowExpo-Cat Expo-in Daimaru Umeda Store” that will hold cat photo exhibitions will be held at Daimaru Umeda Store on the 15th floor of Daimaru Museum “Umeda” in Osaka on February 16 (Sun)-24 (2020) Until Monday).

MeowExpo-Cat Expo-in Daimaru Umeda Store

The MeowExpo-Cat Expo-in Daimaru Umeda Store is an event where cat photo exhibitions, panel exhibitions to learn about cats, and “cat test” online practice tests are held. The space is unbearable for cat lovers, healed by various cat displays.

Cat photo and video exhibition

At the MeowExpo Photo Studio and Video Studio, photos and videos of adorable cats that have been publicly recruited under the theme of “Moment to feel happiness” are exhibited. One piece of gem by photographer such as protection cat photographer, Nekotaro and news photographer Shuji Ozaki, and charismatic cats such as the popular cat “Kyu-chan” recommended by the editorial department of “Nekobiyo” and “Nekomaru” magazines You can enjoy a variety of works, such as happy photos.

Deepen your knowledge about cats

In the special exhibition “Cat and Ikuru: Think about the symbiosis of cats and humans”, you can think about the symbiosis of cats and humans by knowing their habits, ecology, and behavior during disasters. In addition, the “Cat Certification Online Practice Test” allows you to take elementary, intermediate, and advanced questions, and test your skills in cat knowledge. (Unfortunately, it is only in Japanese …)

“NEKO JISHIN (Cat itself)” x “FLASH” introduces celebrity cat photos

The mock book “NEKO JISHIN (Cat itself),” which has issued a total of over 200,000 copies since its birth in 2015, exhibited the special feature of “FÑASH NEKO JISHIN (Cat itself) 4th”, which collaborated with the photo weekly magazine “FLASH”. Enthusiasm for cats! Here is a photo of a celebrity’s favorite cat that appears in “Love Letter”.

“The Cat Without Name” Panel Exhibition

In addition, there will be a panel exhibition of the masterpiece picture book “Namae no Neneko”, which won the 12th MOE Picture Book Award and the 10th Libro Picture Book Award.


MeowExpo-Cat Expo-in Daimaru Umeda Store

【Event Period】February 16(sun)-24(mon) 2020
【Location】Daimaru Museum 15th floor Daimaru Museum
【Address】3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ku
【Hour】10:00-20:00 (Entrance until 30 minutes before closing)
【Ticket Fee】General 600 yen (500 yen), junior and senior high school students 400 yen (300 yen), free for junior high school students