【Umeda】Finally open! Umeda Est Food Hall will open on February 19 (Wed) 2020.


“Umeda Est” has been undergoing renovations since 2019. As briefly introduced before, a new area, “EST FOODHALL”, will finally open on February 19, 2020 (Wed)! As a new food area, the food hall that plays an active role in any scene is of great interest!

Est Food Hall

“EST FOODHALL” consists of four zones: share zone, bar zone, dining & cafe zone, and lunch & cafe zone. There are 16 stores that can be used in various situations, mainly for women working in Umeda. This article will introduce you to the hottest shops in each zone. There are many shops that are opening for the first time in Osaka, so be sure to check them out!

1) Wanna share with friends and family! “Share Zone”

(1) Stand Cham Shoku

A French bar where you can enjoy a new combination of “champagne x gyoza”. Gyoza designed for champagne is fresh with truffle oil and cherry tomato sauce!

(2) Thai Kitchen KAO MAN GAI

Thai food popular with women mainly! You can enjoy the authentic taste of Thai chefs, such as Khao Man Gai using domestic whole chickens purchased every morning, green curry and Tom Yum noodles.


An SF takoyaki tavern depicting a fierce battle between an alien like an octopus and the so-called “DOX” that protects the earth. Takoyaki, which is a fun share with six variations, such as smoked salt and pacchi, as well as interior decoration and catchy drinks inspired by the story, is also worth watching!


A public bar where you can enjoy specialty sausages that are perfect for alcoholic snacks. Hot dogs and tapas sandwiched between two types of bread to choose juicy sausages are enriched. Find your favorite combination of beer, sour, craft cocktails and more!

(5) MEAT&3Choice HandS

A new brand of Okayama food service that is also familiar at the meat wholesale store “Roman-tei”. You can choose from beef, pork and chicken, you can choose staple food, salad and side dish, and you can make an original box customized with your favorite sauce.


A new business format for Kotori’s popular yakitori restaurant, Niwatoriya, has entered Osaka for the first time! You can choose your own skewers, such as authentic yakitori and seasonal vegetables that are skewered in the restaurant every day. You can also enjoy juicy fried chicken and yakitori-don.

2) Enriched alcoholic beverages “Bar zone”

(1) Oden × Stand “Santokurokumi”

It is a shop that specializes in sake purchased every season and oden cooked with chicken glass soup. Full-fledged ate using seasonal ingredients is also substantial.

(2) Butcher’s bistro Nicklaus

You can taste the authentic “Charcuterie ” (processed food made from meat) and meat dishes. In addition, there is a rich lineup of 20 types of craft beer and carefully selected wines!

3) Popular Korean food and tea stores gather! “Dining & Cafe Zone”

(1) Korean bar tavern Kokkio

A popular restaurant where you can enjoy Korean food in a bar style. Takkanmari, Yannyom Chicken, Sundubu and other representative dishes from Korea are available.


The popular tea store “THE ALLEY” has landed in Osaka for the first time! Authentic teas and desserts using special tea leaves are exquisite.

(3) PIZZA423

In addition to authentic Neapolitan pizza baking in a wood-fired kiln, you can enjoy a trattoria menu using fresh wheat pasta from Awajishima and seasonal vegetables sent directly from the production area, and a cafe time with freshly baked waffles.

4) “Lunch and cafe zone” from healthy lunch to fluffy pancakes

(1) Brown rice & Yasai cafe, Genmian

You can enjoy a healthy lunch using safe and secure ingredients, mainly organic pesticide-free brown rice and organic vegetables. As supervised by a dietitian, you can enjoy sweets.

(2) Ramen, Suzaku

A new brand aimed at women at the popular shop “Noodle and Marusho” in Taiwan Maze Soba. The soup is light and tasty, and you will want to drink it!


“FLIPPER’S” is a “miracle souffle pancake specialty store” that attracts support from a wide range of customers. Enjoy the new texture of the fluffy dough that melts in your mouth.

(4) Starbucks

Starbucks is finally open on Est! It’s open from 7am to 11pm, so you can take a break before going to work or at the end of work.

(5) Rod

A bakery and cafe specializing in stone kiln bread. Rum raisin sandwich with homemade cream is recommended for French bread of crisp texture!



【Opening Date】February 19, 2020 (Wed)
【Address】3-25 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
【Nearest station】Hankyu / Hanshin “Osaka Umeda Station” / Osaka Metro “Umeda Station” / JR “Osaka Station”
【Holiday】Irregular holidays