【Umeda】For you, your friends, and your family who love cats! How about a pouch with cat paws?

“Clench your hand! Cream pouch with cat paws”, a purse pouch that recreates the cuteness of a cat’s hand from Felissimo Cat Club is now on sale. How about a souvenir for you, your friends, and your family who love cats?

1,600 yen + Tax / each

Realistic design

This pouch is made with special attention to round shapes, finger dents, and fluffy fur to make it more authentic. When turned upside down, the other side has a plump meatball. Open and close the pouch and you will be able to enjoy the hand movement of “Rock (fist) & Paper (palm)” when the cat pampers. Three colors are available which is brown, white, and gray. Please enjoy the “cat paw” like cream bread that you will want to touch for a long time.

There is a pad that you want to touch. It has been reproduced from the pad to the peeking hair.

This is the size that cosmetics can contain.

It really looks like cat’s paw!

Other cat goods

Fur tippet with paw.

3,100 yen + Tax

This is a fur tippet with a paws inspired by the hands of a cat.

Headband Muff with chubby Paw

2,700 yen + Tax

It is an earmuff with a paw on the inside that allows you to feel like you’re caught in the hands of a cat.


Clench your hand! Cream pouch with cat paws / 1,600 yen + tax
A cat with a paw, hugging from behind / 3,100 yen + tax
Wanna be caught in the hands of a fluffy cat! Headband earmuffs with Chubby paws / 2,700 yen + tax

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