【UMEDA】Godzilla is coming!! The King of Gourmet Fair will be held at Navio Dining.

The event “King of Gourmet Fair” tied up with the latest work “Godzilla King of Monsters” in Hollywood edition “GODZILLA” at “Navio Dining” and “HEP FIVE” will be held on April 27 to June 23rd.

Giant Godzilla Statue

To commemorate the movie tie-up, a valuable Godzilla statue about 2 meters (about 6.56 ft) high is set up at the entrance planting part of “HEP FIVE”. It will be only here in Kansai Region.

【Display period】April 27 to June 23rd.
【Display Location】HEP FIVE 1F, Front planing part

Heisei Godzilla Exhibition & Movie Item Exhibition.

Through the Godzilla works, a large panel display that looks back on the Heisei era, and an exhibition plan for super rare items used in actual films will be held at the 6F Navio Garden at Navio Dining.

【Display period】April 27 to June 23rd.
【Display Location】Navio Dining 6F, Navio Garden

April 27 to May 30 / Godzilla head from “Godzilla vs violante”
May 31st to June 23rd / “Godzilla” (1954) Pictorial Sketch

King of Gourmet Fair

The monster class limited menu such as “whip monster” or “plateful monster” will appear at each Navio Dining Store. If you order, you will receive a Godzilla Rare Sticker.

【Opening Period】 April 27 to June 23rd
【Location】 Each store at Navio Dining
【Novelty gift】Rare sticker of “Godzilla king of monster”
※ It ends as soon as it disappears

Free gift promotion by eating and drinking.

They present application form by eating and drinking more than 1,000 yen (tax-included) per person.
Godzilla related goods will be presented by lottery from among those who applied.

【Vol.1】April 27 – May 30
【Free Gift】
A: The movie “Gozilla King of Monsters” Mbi-tike card (pair) 25 pairs
B: Movie Monster Series Hibiya Godzilla Square Godzilla Statue 5 People
C: HEP FIVE 8F, 9F “VR ZONE OSAKA” 1day 4 tickets for 5 people

【Vol.2】May 31st – June 23rd.
【Free Gift】
A: SH Monster Arts Godzilla (2019) for 5 people
B: Movie “Gozilla King of Monsters” special smartphone stand 30 people
C: Movie “Gozilla King of Monsters” Special Tote Bag for 30 People