【Umeda】”Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE Osaka” 1032 rooms in Yodobashi Umeda Tower in front of Osaka Station to open in November.

It has been decided that the “Hotel Hankyu Lespear Osaka” with 1032 rooms will be opened in November on the 9th to 35th floors under “(provisional name) Yodobashi Umeda Tower” (9th to 35th floors) under construction at Osaka Station.

Characteristics of “Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA”

The Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA is located in the center of Osaka and Umeda, but has a structure that is independent of the urban fort and provides stress-free hospitality. In addition, there is a device in the hall to enjoy the charm of Japan and the uniqueness of Osaka.

Design Theme

Design theme in the room is “OSAKA Japanese Style”
There are rooms with three color schemes “Ume (plum)”, “Denen (garden)” and “Osaka Castle” that express Japanese-style and Osaka-like atmosphere.

From Left) color scheme “Ume (pkum)”, “Denen (garden)”, “Osaka Castle”

Main attention

  1. Fitness Room
    Guests can use the hotel’s fitness room free of charge.

    2. Auto Check-in & out
    By automating some procedures at the time of check-in and check-out, they can perform the procedure smoothly without feeling stress at the time of congestion.

    3. Services for International Customers
    In addition to complete Wi-Fi free in the hotel, you can use “Alipay”, “WeChat Pay”, “Shinhan Card” and so on.

    4. All rooms non smoking
    Not only domestic customers but also foreigners who are expected to increase due to rising health consciousness
    All rooms are non-smoking under the policy that we want to be a hotel that continues to be chosen by our customers.

Hotel front lobby, garden

The hotel’s front lobby is located on the 9th floor, and the lobby in front of the reception overlooks a Japanese garden. In addition, a lot of trees are planted in the Japanese garden and you can enjoy the seasonal expression.

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