【Umeda】Lemon x honey sweets gather at Daimaru Umeda store!


“Lemon and Honey Weeks”, which has a menu of “Lemon and Honey”, will be held at Osaka Daimaru Umeda Store from March 18 (Wed) to April 7 (Tue), 2020.

Peche Raisin Honey
Left) Lemon and yogurt tart 972 yen / Right) Honey and lemon jelly 648 yen (tax included)


At “Lemon and Honey Weeks”, a lineup of sweets and breads with sweet and sour flavors is offered under the theme of “Spring that melts lemon and melts honey.”

Baby Moncher’s “Honey Lemon Roll Half” is a popular roll cake with lemon and a spring-like flavor. Also, from the Mikage Yamate Roll, “Honey Lemon Roll” with honey and lemon-flavored mousse appears.

“Honey Lemon”, a factory thin decorated with red flowers and bees, is a product that lets you enjoy the difference in texture between crunchy tart dough and soft mousse.

Right) Factory Shin
Honey lemon 1 piece 540 yen (tax included)

In addition, from March 18 (Wednesday) to 24 (Tue), you will also find a limited time order sweets, including “Setoda Lemon Cake Shimagoro” from around the island.


Lemon and Honey Weeks

【Sales Period】March 18 (Wed) – April 7 (Tue), 2020
【Location】Daimaru Umeda B1 & B2 Food Floor “Feast Paradise”
【Address】3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
*Daimaru will be closed temporarily on Tuesday in March to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.