【UMEDA】One million candle night, Nishi (West) Umeda Night will be held on June 3rd.

In Nishi-Umeda, Osaka, an event calling for a personal candle night is held ahead of the summer solstice. It will be done to turn off the light for two hours at a collaborative facility etc., light the candle, and provide a place of “awareness” that each and every one can do what it can for the family, Japan, the future and the earth.

Candle Corridor

Works full of individuality created by art students and creators working mainly in Kansai line up along the road on both sides between Hilton Plaza East-Nishi Umeda Park. The lights on the roadside buildings are extinguished, and a lot of art works with candles come to light and it is very fantastic.

Message Candles

Message Candles are popular as participatory content every time. Create thoughts and wishes in a glass candle, light a fire, and put it in a place of your choice to create a large candle art.

Candle harmony

It will be a warm, soft, light sea of ​​candles, and events such as concerts will also be held. Let’s turn off the lights and lights, and enjoy the wonderful opportunity to spend a relaxing time in a fantastic world, surrounded by the warm light of the candle.


One Million Candle Night @ OSAKA CITY 2019 Summer Nishi Umeda Night

【Date】June 5th (Wed), 2019 (When it rains, June 6 )
【Hour】18:00 – 22:00
【Location】Around Osaka City Nishi Umeda
【Fee】Admission fee free
【URL】 http://www.candle-night-osaka.jp/