【UMEDA】Parfait × Shaved ice!? New Vibe Sweets will come up!


New vibe sweet “parfait snow” will be released from April 26, 2019 from “Parfait × Liquor Parfaiteria Largo” in Umeda, Osaka.

(Left) Kyoto Uji Matcha 1,280 yen / (Right) Strawberry & Pistachio 1,480 yen

The parfait × Liquor Parfaiteria Largo which has two faces, such as a café serving bread and coffee at a lunchtime, and a parfaiteria that focuses on the “parfait for finishing off” to enjoy after dinner at night. In the evening, not only coffee but also cocktails and other alcoholic beverages are substantial and can be used as a bar.

The newly appeared “Parfait Snow” is a new-style sweet that combines the store’s proud “Parfait for finishing off” with cold shaved ice.

5 kinds of “Parfait for finishing off”

The lineup consists of five types, including “Strawberry and Pistachio” with plenty of mochi and jellied with edible flowers, “Tapioca Royal Milk Tea” with topping with Tapioca, and “Uji Matcha” using Uji Matcha in Kyoto.

(Upper left) Tapioca Royal Milk Tea 1,280 yen
(Lower left) Kyoto Uji Matcha 1,280 yen
(Middle) Mango and Yogurt 1,480 yen
(Upper Right) Strawberry and Pistachio 1,480 yen
(Lower Right) Chocolate and Mascarpone cheese 1,380 yen

Seating Area

From April 26, “Parfait × Liquor Parfaitéria Largo” will be expanded on the third floor to expand the seating area. In the interior image of the forest, a counter seat that is easy for even a single person, and a relaxing table seat with a cushion are provided.

Store Information

“Parfait × Liquor Parfaitéria Largo”

【Address】 Doyama MD Building 2nd & 3rd floor
  16-14 Doyama Kita-ward, OSAKA
【Hour】10:30 – 23:00 (L.O. 22:00) *There is no regular holiday