【Umeda】Spring limited drinks will be available from The Alley today!


Authentic tea store “THE ALLEY” will release spring limited drinks “Sakura Scented Soy Smoothie” and “Sakura Soi Matcha Latte” from today.

<Seasonal Limited> Soy tea smoothie with cherry blossom 680 yen + Tax

Spring limited drink

Soy tea smoothie with cherry blossom

Soy tea smoothie with cherry blossom is a soy tea smoothie that combines cherry with fragrant jasmine-filled Oyama green tea. The matcha soymilk cream and azuki are added to create a mellow flavor. On the top is a soy milk pudding wrapped in cherry leaves, inspired by Sakura-Mochi.

Sakura Soy Matcha Latte

600 yen + Tax

“Sakura Soy Matcha Latte” is a Matcha latte with soft cherry blossoms using refined flavored Matcha. Made with soy milk made from Hokkaido soybeans, it has a soft and gentle flavor.

Custom Milk (Soy Milk)

Soy Milk Tea
M size 500 yen + Tax
L Size 600 yen + Tax

“Soy milk milk tea” appears as custom milk that can be made into your favorite drink. When poured into The Alley’s specialty tea, the mellow soy milk flavor enhances the rich aroma of tea leaves.


The Alley’s Spring limited drink

【Sales Period】March 20 (Fri) 2020 –
【Store in Osaka】Umeda EST Store
【Address】3-25 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi