【Umeda】This height doesn’t make it collapse? belle-ville” is very popular for its fluffy 8-tiered pancakes!

I could have included it in my earlier feature… This is another famous pancake shop in Umeda!

Whitey Umeda, Osaka’s Umeda underground shopping mall, reopened in December 2019 with the reopening of the Fountain Square area, and 35 restaurants and other shops.

A coffee shop called “belle-ville” used to exist in Whitey Umeda.

It used to be popular for its café-like atmosphere and delicious pancakes, but it has recently been renewed to have a café-like atmosphere. The location has been changed and the restaurant is now completely non-smoking. In this article, we will introduce the popular menu of this restaurant!


The fluffy soufflé type pancakes are very popular!

This is a very popular pancake with a menu that looks like a newspaper and says “speciality” on it.

8 mille-feuille pancakes 780 yen

The fluffy pancakes are baked after receiving an order. With such a stack of fluffy meringue soufflé-type pancakes, you’re wondering when they’ll fall apart…! It’s truly a dream pancake tower! What’s more, it’s amazing how much they piled up for this price! Serve with a generous dollop of maple syrup. Even with the syrup, the dough is still as fluffy as ever. When you try it, it has a lot of egginess to it and it’s like eating a hot and fluffy omelet. It’s so hearty that if you’re eating it alone, you’ll be halfway full.

For those with smaller appetites, there are also four half-size millefeuille pancakes (490 yen). If you’re confident, hungry, or sharing with multiple people, please give the 8-dan challenge a try.

Pancake Burger “Pandora’s Box”

Pandora’s Box, a pancake burger that was born out of many requests for pancakes to take home. A fluffy pancake sandwich with a generous amount of fresh cream. You can choose from four types: “Plain”, “Double Cream”, “Matcha Azuki” and “Strawberry Custard”. There is often a line at cafes, but with this product you can buy it without standing in line, so you can take it back to your hotel or eat it while having a picnic.

(Top left) Plain 300 yen, (Top right) Matcha Azuki 500 yen
(Lower left) Strawberry custard 600 yen, (Lower right) Azuki 400 yen


belle-ville Whitey Umeda

【Address】4-5 Whitey Umeda East Mall, Umeda Underground Street, Komatsubara-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City
【Hour】8:00 – 22:00
【Regular Holiday】Closed in accordance with Whitey Umeda