【Umeda / Daimaru】 Good Glass on sale at Tokyu Hands Umeda for a limited time only! The Shibainu series makes its first appearance!

Good Glass” will be on sale at Tokyu Hands Umeda Store for a limited time until March 28. This time, there is also a design of a Shiba Inu dressed in kimono.

Good Glass

Good Glass is handcrafted one by one using the glass blowing method used in traditional glass crafts. As a result, the size of the ears are different, the height is different, the expression is different, and each product has its own individual differences. In addition to being heat-resistant, the double-walled design makes it easy to hold both cold and hot beverages.

【PR】 Light for feet (Shiba-Design)

Japanese Clothes Shiba-Dog Befriending Set

This time, there are two types of glasses, one with a cherry blossom design and the other with a plum blossom design. And they come in pairs, so they’re really cute! The box is also cute, so it makes a great gift.


Good Glass on sale at Tokyu Hands Umeda

【Sales Period】 Until Mar 28 (Sun), 2021
【Place】 Tokyu Hands Umeda Store, Daimaru Umeda, 12F Kitchen & Clean Area B
【Address】 Daimaru Umeda, 3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City
【Price】 – Standard Series (“Dog,” “cat,” “bear,” “duck”) – 3,200 yen + Tax
– Shiba Dog Series- 3200 yen + tax, 3500 yen + tax for the mag type, and 6800 yen + tax for the kimono Often Good Friends set.