【Umeda Daimaru】Belgium’s Royal Warrant Chocolate Brand “WITTAMER” sells its popular summer item “Glace pilée dessert” from 6/1 (Sat).


“Glace pilée dessert” refers to shaved ice and will be sold from June 1 in the summer only and Umeda Daimaru branch chocolat (chocolate) bar Limited.

“Glace pilée dessert” Chocolat

The soft texture of the cocoa made from the Ariba region of Ecuador (72% cacao content) is characterized by the deep texture and flavor of cacao. Add sweet and sour berry sauce with a side dish to make it even more delicious. And, chocolate ice cream is hidden under the shaved ice. It is a summer-limited shaved ice where you can enjoy chocolate until the end.

“Glace pilée dessert” Chocolat / 850 yen (+Tax)

“Glace pilée dessert”
Alphonso Mango

You can enjoy the rich taste of mango by topping the flesh of Alphonso mango in addition to smooth mouthfeel ice using Alphonso mango puree. And, after enjoying the deliciousness of mango, chocolate ice cream of vitamer will come up. It is an great dish that you can enjoy the mariage of mango and chocolate ice cream.

“Glace pilée dessert” Alphonso mango / 850 yen (+Tax)


WITTAMER “Glace pilée dessert” Chocolat
WITTAMER “Glace pilée dessert” Alphonso Mango

【Sales Period】June 1st to September 3rd.
【Price】850 yen (+Tax) / 918 yen (includes tax)
【Store】Wittermer Umeda Daimaru Store, Chocolat Bar (Eat-in limited)
【Address】 Daimaru Umeda B1F West, 3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ward, OSAKA