【Umeda, Dotonbori】 The “supreme” large and stamina meat bowl is going to be released by “Legendary Stadon-ya”!


Donburi chain store “Legendary Stadon-ya (Stamina Bowl Restaurant)” and “Shop of Specialty Stadon (Stamina Bowl)” will release “Stamina “Kiwami (extremity)” Hormone Bowl” with two kinds of hormone and beef ribs, “Fried Chicken Combined “Kiwami (extremity)” Hormone Bowl” and “Galaxy Stamina Hormone Bowl” for a limited time on December 1.

About Legendary Stadon-ya (Stamina Bowl Restaurant)

About Stamina Bowl

“Sta-don (Stamina Bowl)” is a bowl of rice topped with juicy, tender pork belly that is soaked in oil at low temperature to melt off excess fat and lock in the flavor, then stir-fried at once with the “secret garlic soy sauce sauce sauce sauce” and served on a large bowl of rice, which is enough for three bowls of rice even when served in a standard size.

Stamina Rice Bowl 630 yen (tax included)

The final chapter of 2020 will be devouring the ultimate hormone bowl!

Stamina “Kiwami” Hormone Rice Bowl

Stamina “Kiwami” Hormone Rice Bowl consists of two types of hormones: the “big fat hormone”, which is rich in sweet fat and has a plump texture, and the “junkie hormone”, which is the small intestine of pork with an addictive texture, and the “beef rib”, which is tender and delicious. It is stir-fried together with chives and onions, the ingredients for stamina, along with the sweetness of fruit and the flavor of savory vegetables with garlic, and then stir-fried with a special “Special Instantaneous Yakiniku Sauce”, and served on a large bowl of rice for a hearty and stamina-packed meal of about three bowls. The sweetness of the hormone fat and the flavor of the kalbi blended with the yakiniku sauce makes for a rich, rich taste that is perfect for rice.

To maximize the flavor, the two hormones are lightly sprinkled with potato starch and fried in hot oil to lock in the flavor of the fat and create a soft texture, and the thick sauce is mixed with the batter to create a taste that is truly “ultimate”.

Stamina “Kiwami” Hormone Rice Bowl 980 yen (tax included)

Fried Chicken combined “Kiwami” Hormone Bowl & Galaxy Stamina Hormone Bowl

For those who want to devour more hormones, Stamina “Kiwami” Hormone Bowl is added to the “Stamina “Kiwami” Hormone Bowl, and the volume of the regular size is still the same, but the special sauce based on the “secret garlic soy sauce sauce sauce sauce” combined with ginger and sake is used to make a good combination. The “Fried Chicken combined “Kiwami” Hormone Bowl”, which is a combination of three pieces of our signature “Stamina Fried Chicken” with a punch of pickled garlic, and the “Fried Chicken combined “Kiwami” Hormone Bowl”, which increases the total amount of meat by about 1.7 times, making the hormones as if they were stars in the galaxy The Galaxy Stamina Hormone Bowl will also be released, packed with impact.


Stamina “Kiwami” Hormone Bowl Fair

【Release Date】 Dec 1 (Tue), 2020 *limited time
【Store】 National “Legendary Stadon-ya” & “Specialty Stadon’s Store”
【Store in Osaka】 Links Umeda Store, Dotonbori Store
【Delivery Specialty Store in Osaka】 Toyonaka Store, Toyosaki Umeda Store