【Umeda / E-ma】Strawberry “Raw” Mont Blanc from Café & Books Bibliotheque!


A new strawberry sweet and strawberry sweet “Strawberry Raw Mont Blanc” has been released at all Cafe & Books Bibliotheque stores from January 22 (Wed) to March 31 (Tue), 2020.

Strawberry raw Mont Blanc

“Strawberry Raw Mont Blanc” is a fresh Mont Blanc that uses plenty of fresh strawberries and ruby ​​chocolate known as the fourth chocolate. A winter-only flavor from the popular Bibliotheque Take dessert “Nama (Raw) Mont Blanc” series.

The base is made from soft-boiled raw castella, fresh lemon curd cream and fresh strawberries. On top of it, plenty of juicy strawberry melting Mont Blanc cream combined with natural pink ruby ​​chocolate. Try the sweet and sour ruby ​​chocolate and strawberry refreshing and rich taste at the store.

Strawberry raw Mont Blanc / 1,200 yen

Dessert with strawberry fair now being held

The strawberry dessert season has arrived! A lot of desserts and drinks that use plenty of seasonal strawberries are now appearing that have increased their sweetness due to the cold. Tasteful, savory menus that make use of the juicy, high sugar content and rich flavor unique to this season to enhance the original taste of strawberries.


Strawberry raw Mont Blanc
【Price】1,200 yen
【Sales Period】January 22 (Wed)-March 31 (Tue), 2020

【Event Schedule】January 8 (Wed), 2020-March 31 (Tue), 2020
【Store】Cafe & Books Bibliotheque
【Location】E-ma B1F
【Address】1-12-6 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Hour】11:00 – 23:30