【Umeda EST】Est Food Hall will be born in Umeda Est.

On Wednesday, February 19, 2020, “EST FOODHALL” will open as a new food area in Umeda Est.

Est Food Hall with all 16 stores

There are 16 stores in Est Food Hall, including 9 stores in Japan and the first in Osaka. A 220-seat share zone where you can bring your favorite food and drinks in a modern space is located in the center and consists of the Bar Zone, Dining & Cafe Zone, and Lunch & Cafe Zone.

Share zone

There are only unique shops in the share zone where you can bring your favorite items at each store and enjoy all the flavors. Of the 6 stores in the zone, 4 are the first stores nationwide.

A near-future SF-style takoyaki bar, a new brand of Okayama food service familiar at the meat wholesale store “Roman tei”, a new type of restaurant “Niwatoriya”, a popular yakitori restaurant in Kobe, and a Frankfurt stand where you can enjoy sausages and sake Open a store.

Takoyaki Sakaba

Frank The Bar

Dining & cafe zone

In the Dining & Cafe Zone, the first store in Osaka of the tea store “THE ALLEY” will be opened. A variety of foods and dessert menus that are perfect for authentic teas and light snacks to taste special tea leaves.

In addition, “Korea tavern” where you can enjoy Korean cuisine in a bar style and “PIZZA423” of Pizzeria & Bar & Café, which will be opening for the first time in the country, are also located in the same zone.


Lunch & Cafe Zone

In the Lunch & Cafe Zone, a miracle souffle pancake shop “FLIPPER ’S” will open. The fluffy new texture pancake is finally the first landing in Osaka.

In addition, as a store to recommend for lunch, “Noodle shop, Marusho”, a popular brand in Taiwan Mazesoba, is the first new brand for women, “Ramen Hibari”, and a health cafe that uses organic rice grown directly from farmland and organic vegetables, “Brown Rice & Veggies Cafe Genmian” will be lined up.

On the other hand, Starbucks and Bakery & Cafe “Rod” are recommended for cafe time.


Bar Zone

The Bar zone is the perfect place to stop by on your way home from work. A new business style of “Ponshuya Santokurokumi” that stands out in Fukushima “Ponshuya Santokurokumi” and a 90-year-old established meat processing equipment manufacturer “Nantsune” and Tokyo ’s super-rich store maker “Zillion” “Butchery Bistro Nikurausu” appears.


Est Food Hall

【Opening Date】February 19, 2020 (Wed)
【Address】3-25 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Hour】 11:00~23:00
【Holiday】Irregular holidays