【Umeda / Est Foodhall】COOL & SPACY !? Umeda SF Takoyaki “TAKO BUSTERS” is selling shaved ice.


The year 2099 Osaka Underground. In the large underground shopping district “Osaka Underground Grand Yokocho EST”, which is busy all day long, the nightmare that began seven years ago has been defeated People gather from all over the world every day to inspire themselves.
One of the most popular takoyaki shops in Japan is Taco Busters, which opened in 2096.
That is Taco Buster’s, which opened in 2096.

Such TAKO BUSTERS, the SF takoyaki shop at EST FOODHALL in Umeda, Osaka, started selling shaved ice on July 14 (Tue).

Don’t Think ! Feel the Galaxy !

Why shaved ice at a takoyaki shop…because…if I had to choose, I’d say it’s summer… Summer is still hot in 2099.

So, these three items will be available.
Be sure to get these items to heal your hot, hot battle with the Xiao aliens!



【Sales Period】Start from Jul 14 (Tue)
【Price】680 yen + Tax
【Location】Tako Busters at EST Foodhall
【Address】3-25, Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka