【Umeda / Grand Front Osaka】From the bread specialty store LeBRESSO, winter limited, plenty of strawberries! “Strawberry & Custard Toast” appeared.


A limited-time winter toast called “Strawberry & Custard Toast” comes from “LeBRESSO”, a bread specialty store with a coffee stand from Osaka. It will be offered from December 20, 2019 (Fri) to mid-February 2020.

Strawberry and custard toast

“Strawberry & Custard Toast” is a limited menu with plenty of vanilla flavored custard cream, original Amao Strawberry Jam and fresh strawberry fruits. An exquisite harmony of the sourness of strawberries and the gentle sweetness of custard.

Also, it is recommended that you enjoy it with the coffee made by the popular “LeBRESSO” barista. If you are tired of shopping, enjoy a cafe time with a dish that can only be tasted at this time!


Strawberry and custard toast 690 yen (includes tax)

【Offer period 】December 20 (Fri), 2019 – Mid February 2020
【Store】 LeBRESSO Grand Front Osaka Store
【Location】Basement floor of Grand Front Osaka Umekita Square
【Address】4-1 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
【Hour】10:00 – 22:00 (L.O.21:30)
【Hoiday】Irregular holidays (same as Grand Front Osaka store)