【Umeda / Hankyu】Valentine-limited Chocolate Balmkuchen “De la Chocolat Ginza” will be available for a limited time from Nenrinya!

The Baumkuchen specially store, “Nenrinya” will launch Valentine-only chocolate Baumkuchen “De la Chocolat Ginza” from January 12 (Sat) to February 18 (Mon), 2019.

Rich chocolate Baumkuchen

De La Chocolat Ginza, based on the theme of “filled with the joy of chocolate,” is based on the winter-only Baumkuchen “Mount Balm Brownie” from the Nenrinya. The dough is made from kneaded cocoa with “Hundred Years Cocoa” from Ferklin, Switzerland, and baked slowly over a long period of time to make it a product that brings out the aging flavor. The mellow hazel chocolate roasted with the skin is poured over the dough, and it is finished in Baumkuchen with a rich rich flavor. The finish is decorated with bitter chocolate lines and crispy pearl chocolate.

The heavy and dense melting taste is like “Baumkuchen’s Chocolate Terrine”. When slicing, a dense chocolate brown layer appears, as if the savory taste overflows from the cut.

Why don’t you buy this product, which can only be purchased for a limited time, as a souvenir or Valentine’s gift?


Nenrinya “De La Chocolat Ginza”

【Sales Period】January 10 (Fri)-February 18 (Tue) 2020
【Price】1,512 yen (includes tax)
【Store】Hankyu Umeda Store in OSAKA