【Umeda Hankyu Men’s Osaka】Bum and Hankyu Mens collaborate to make a bow tie with “specimen” -like bottle and special design will be release for a limited time.

Collaboration between BAM and Hankyu Men’s creative shop “GARAGE D. EDIT”. Specially designed bow ties will be sold at Hankyu Men’s Osaka limited-time shop from May 29 to June 4.

Like a specimen!
“Bam” to make a bottled bow tie.

BAM is a comprehensive brand established by designers from the fields of graphics, fashion and furniture, and develops a wide range of products from clothes and accessories to furniture.

Attention is, among all, men’s bow tie “SUNNIESTA”. It’s one of BAM’s signature items, sold as a sample-packed package.

Bow tie which blended various fabrics.

This time, in collaboration with Hankyu Men’s creative shop “GARAGE D. EDIT”, the fabric of various brands being handled at Hankyu Department Store is blended with Bam’s graphical textile. The body of the bow tie “SUNNIESTA” is patched with colorful textiles and has a playful finish.

Other than bow tie

Along with the bow tie “SUNNIESTA” series, Hankyu Men’s Osaka limited-time shop also sells Hankyu department limited denim jackets, denim pants, graphic T-shirts, and more. You can also enjoy playful coordination in combination with the bow tie.



【SalesPeriod】May 29 to June 4
【Location】Hankyu Men’s Osaka 2nd floor, ” GARAGE D.EDIT “
【Address】7-10 Kakudacho, kita-ward, Osaka

<Item example>
*Bow-tie “SUNNIESTA” Each series 12,500 yen-
*Hankyu Department Store Limited Denim Jacket
*Denim pants
*Graphic T-shirt