【Umeda / Hanshin Dept.】Enjoying a cool room, enjoying the summer of adults, the second half of Otona Umeda Asobi (Adult, Umeda, Play) begins.

For urban adults, the second half of the event “Otona Umeda Asobi (Adult, Umeda, Play)” will experience “cool” with five senses while spending hot summer elegantly indoors from July 24th to 30th It would be held.

A cool wind bell and glass miscellaneous goods gather!

July 24 (Wed)-30 (Tue) is a gathering of cool wind bells and glass items. It may be good for souvenirs.

Aomori “Tsugaru Biidoro”
4th floor event space stage 4

By focusing on the four seasons unique to Japan and combining colors in various ways to show an infinite expression, “Tsugaru Biidoro”.

Shiga “glas s imeca”
5th floor event space stage 5

A work carefully created by Akemi Kaminaga using blown glass techniques appears.

OSAKA “Te-crea”
6th floor Event Space Stage 6

Author HITOMI LALA who is painting freehand on glass and ceramic. Besides wind chimes, glasses and accessories that seem to be summer will appear. A workshop will also be held during the period!

Hyogo “glass trip”
7th floor event space stage 7

A collaboration product with glass maker, Yoshiko Okamoto appears from “glass trip” which produces accessories of tonbo jade with “glass to travel” as a concept.


Otona Umeda Asobi

【Period】July 24 (Wed) to 30 (Tue)
【Location】Hanshin Umeda Main store