【Umeda, Honmachi, Kujyo, Minamimorimachi】 There’s a campaign going on at “Nadai Unatoto” to enjoy eel dishes at a discounted price for takeout!


Nadai Unatoto, an eel fast food restaurant, is currently running a “TO GO Eat Campaign” from January 14 (Thu.) to February 7 (Sun.), 2012, where you can enjoy eel dishes at a discounted price for takeout!

Let’s cheer up Japan with eels! is the theme!

Nadai Unatoto” is a place where you can enjoy eel dishes, which have an image of being expensive, at a reasonable price. In response to the government’s declaration of a state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and other areas of Japan, the restaurant has launched the “TO GO Eat Campaign” under the theme of “Let’s cheer up Japan with eel! Under the theme of “Let’s cheer up Japan with eel!”, the restaurant is running a special campaign called “TO GO Eat Campaign” for takeout customers.

Free large portions of food and discounts on purchases.

The campaign consists of two plans: one is to get a large free serving of rice with takeout bento, and the other is to increase the amount of discount as you buy more bento.

The “Free Large Servings of Rice with All Meals” plan offers free large servings of rice when you purchase a takeout bento. If you purchase from the restaurant’s bento reservation site, you can receive your bento without waiting for it.

Also, “The more kabayaki you buy, the more you save! is a great plan that offers discounts of 50 yen off for buying two, 70 yen off for buying three, 100 yen off for buying four, and 150 yen off for buying five.


TO GO Eat Campaign by Nadai Unatoto

【Campaign Period】 Jan 14 (Thu) – Feb 7 (Sun), 2021
【Target stores in Osaka】 Umeda Store, Honmachi Store, Kujyo Store, Minamimorimachi Store

Feature item of the day♪

Unagi (eel) pie 18 pieces

1,080 yen