【Umeda / Horie】A sneaker that “+ TSUBASA” and “Captain Tsubasa” collaborated will be released.

Popular cartoon “Captain Tsubasa” and collaboration sneakers by sneaker brand + TSUBASA appeared. From Wednesday, November 20, 2019, it will be sold at limited stores nationwide starting with a limited-time store at Shinjuku Isetan Men’s Hall. The women’s size will be available only at Journal Standard Shibuya Scramble Square.

About “+Tsubasa”

One time, a boy got a Tsubasa (a wing). He forgot everything and faced Tsubasa. “If I use this wing, I may see a new world.” It might be a delusion, but he decided to fly high in the sky. There was a rice grain size himself. How small. The world you see has changed. If you never try,you’ll never know. A story about a boy who got his wings and started to face him. Expectation for the future and excitement become “+ Tsubasa” beyond the story, in your hands. You + Tsubasa (a wing). It is myself that creates a story with an item called Tsubasa.

“+ Tsubasa” is an up-and-coming sneaker brand from Tokyo, created by a group of Japanese creators. “+ Tsubasa” is characterized by futuristic designs inspired by the atmosphere of Tokyo, a manga and anime that are part of Japanese culture.

Captain Tsubasa Sneakers

“+ Tsubasa” will release a sneaker that prints the famous scene of “Captain Tsubasa”, the brand’s first large-scale collaboration, as a pre-collection for the 2020 spring / summer season. “Melo Melo”, the signature model of +Tubasa painted the famous scene of “Captain Tsubasa”. Four types of variations are available. Twin shoot by Tsubasa Oozora & Taro Misaki came out is drawn on the sky, Kojiro Hyuuga is drawn on violet, Genzo Wakabayashi vs. Tsubasa Oozora is drawn on red, and Jun Misugi & Tsubasa Oozora is drawn on black. In addition, the heel part is given the number of each character.

There is also a commitment to shoelace, and apart from the regular line, there is a special specification that was commissioned to the Japanese shoelace brand “KIXSIX”. A regular shoelace is also included, so you can enjoy it by changing it according to your mood. The special post box for each model also includes a set of original postcards for each model.


Tsubasa and Captain Tsubasa collaboration sneakers

【Release Date】November 20 (wed) 2019
【Price】43,000 yen + Tax / each

*Store you can purchase in Osaka is below

【Hankyu Men’s Osaka】
11:00 – 21:00

【Journal standard Umeda Daimaru Store (Lukua 3F)】
10:00 – 21:00

【alfredoBANNISTER Minami Horie Store】
11:00 – 20:00